Strategic HR

Research and Statistics reveal that the major concerns of CEOs and Business Leaders are in the context of Human Capital, Capacity Building and Development of Strong Culture of Innovation, Engagement and Accountability within an organisation.

The start-ups or the small and medium enterprises are not left behind in the war for talent. Talented manpower is indeed becoming a priced commodity, and retaining them has become a nightmare for the business leaders.

Inthrall Consultancy’s work in the following areas, aligns with the concerns of the business leaders:

  • 1. Human Capital Readiness – Are the people capable to meet the organisation’s current and future requirements?
  • 2. Set up HR function or realign HR Strategy with the organisational Values, Culture & USP
  • 3. Facilitate Compensation and Rewards in relation to Talent Management
  • 4. Formulate Leadership Pipeline and identifying key positions (Critical Positions) in an organisation.

Inthrall Consultancy offers Strategic HR and OD Interventions as very simple, affordable and practicable solutions that ensure high ROI.

Any organisation-wide transformation is not feasible overnight. The much needed transformation has to have its origin from the management; the leadership which decides the change has to explore the same with its links to the business strategy. This linkage is explored with the expertise of Inthrall Consultancy and implemented across the organisation where, irrespective of the individual or a leader, transformation takes place.

Intensive Talent Management:
Inthrall Consultancy offers Strategic HR services to the corporate world through its flagship Intensive Talent Management Model which is a comprehensive and effective approach to address the talent gaps and solutions for Capability Building.

Competency Frameworks:
The identification of right talent is facilitated through Inthrall Consultancy’s strategic and structured approach with effective Competency Mapping & Assessment (mini assessment also carried out) - a transparent platform for appreciation of talent.

Compensation and Benefits:
The strategies and models for Compensation differs with the type of industry, range of revenue, nature of business and other demographic factors. The modelling of compensation breaks the job into components and evaluates each of these job elements against specially constructed scales.

OD Interventions:
Inthrall Consultancy facilitates appropriate interventions through their Organisational Diagnostic Study or Appraisal which is a compact assessment that helps the leaders and organisations to assess the gaps and address the same with required strategies or action plans.

HR Audit (PCMM – People Capability Maturity Model):
A simple appraisal, on the current strategies/systems/policies of an organisation, is assessed and related HR Interventions for further enhancement are recommended by the Inthrall team.

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